Blue Haven Opportunity

In 2005 we initiated Blue Haven Children’s Home with the goal to eventually develop a SELF-SUPPORTING children’s home. This is a ground-breaking project enabling hundreds of orphan and disadvantaged children to have a bright future. The children’s home will be supported by income generated by a high-quality Christian school and medical clinic.

In latter 2011 thanks to a generous donation we were able to purchase 1.75 Acres of prime suburban land in the capital city of the Gangetic Plain of North India. So this great vision is now HALF-WAY to being fulfilled. All that remains is to construct the facility.


In 2012 we urgently request your prayer for the Lord to provide the funds necessary to construct Phase One of the facility – a budget requirement of just under $400,000.


A generous donor has pledged to match every dollar donated for this project up to $100,000. So your donation will go twice as far!

We also request your personal sponsorship of one of our existing 32 orphan and semi-orphan children who, until the big project is complete, are in need of your loving, prayerful support of $30, $60 or $90/month.


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