Blue Haven Kids Lead Summer Camp

The inspirational children from Blue Haven Children’s Home enjoyed volunteering at a three days summer children camp conducted by a local mission. Our Blue Haven children have volunteered at youth camps in the city previously. However, this is the first time they have organized a children camp for three days by themselves. With prayers and lots of preparation, the camp was scheduled for June 28-30. Jitendra and Sangita from Blue Haven Children’s Home joined with youth leaders at our Life Center Church to advertise the youth camp in the outskirt of the city. Local slum children joined the church kids at the three-day camp. With prayers, the team decided the theme for this year’s camp would be “He Cares”. The volunteers were asked to help the children realize that Jesus cares for them. “Within few days our plan turned into a big success, we only planned for 60 kids but God sent us 120 kids. It’s was beyond our expectation,” said Jitendra and Sangita.

It was a wonderful time and a great opportunity for us to learn, experience, and share “He Cares”. The entire camp was filled with words of God, stories, games, dance, movies, activities and lots of fun. “We are so overjoyed with the success at summer camp. During camp, many kids learned about Jesus and happily started following the teaching of Jesus Christ and sharing what they learned,” added Jitendra and Sangita.

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