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Update and Needs
~ Ricky Srivastava
Director of Blue Haven Chidlren’s Home
In the Ganges River Plain area of North India, there are 30 million destitute, orphaned and semi-orphaned children in need of care. However there are almost no Christian children’s homes. We started Blue Haven Children’s Home in 2005 with the vision to rescue children and give them a brighter future. Our 31 children are now becoming strong both in mind and in spirit as they grow in their academic abilities as well as their relationship with the Lord.

Here is part of an article written by three of our older boys Pamiso, Lakshman and Chingri:

“On Christmas Eve we had a good time with David and Shari from America who are living with us at the children’s home and teaching us English, Bible, and many other things. We worshiped together and they taught us the meaning of the Lord’s Supper.

Yongdol, our youngest orphan child, drawing a picture

Then we shared the Lord’s Supper for the first time in our lives. We really felt the presence of God. On Christmas Day we celebrated the birth of Jesus with great joy along with Ricky, Leanna and others. We sang songs, preformed skits and played games.

On the 26th Leanna came with lots of things like bananas, eggs, flour, and baking powder and we made banana doughnuts. Everybody helped and we had lots of fun. After making lots of doughnuts we ate them. Yummm!

Pema distributing doughnuts

Then on New Year’s Day David and Shari prayed for us to have a great new year of growing in our faith and learning in school. Please pray for us that we can do well in school.”

Ricky and the children with new backpacks for a new school year

We request your prayer and assistance for several needs: The children have had a skin rash for some time and no amount of washing of bedclothes or bodies seems to help. So far the doctors have not been able to diagnose what is causing it. Please pray for a solution. We are taking them all to a different doctor this coming week.
The children need to transfer to a school that is closer to where they are living. In the spring of 2010 we had to vacate the rented house and the only facility we could find to rent that was adequate was on the other side of town. So now their bus ride to school takes an hour each direction. Please pray that we find a good school for the children.
To prevent colds and sickness among the children, we would like to be able to provide a daily multivitamin to each child. A year’s supply of multivitamins for all the children will cost $1,000.
Finally, please pray for the construction funds for our children’s home facility. We already have $33,000 toward this purchase, but we still need an additional $150,000 to realize our dream for these and many more needy children.

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  1. I will be praying for these precious children. I am not familiar with the weather there. I see the children are in sweaters. Is it cold there? It looks like everyone had a Blessed Christmas.

    1. Hi MJ! Great to hear from you on the blog. Yes for a couple months in winter it is actually a bit cold here in the nortnern part of India. Now though it’s warming up again. Hope you’re doing well and not getting too much snow!

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