Blessed are those who are persecuted…

Pastor Ram Prakash came to know Christ while working in Delhi. The Lord called him to return to his village to preach the gospel. He obeyed and for the past 12 years he has faithfully been serving the Lord among his own native people, the Awadhi. He has planted many churches and mentored over a dozen new native pastors and leaders.

On May 20th at about noon while he was leading his Sunday church service more than 150 people attacked the meeting. Brandishing clubs and hockey sticks they started beating the believers and snatched their Bibles and threw them onto the ground. They demanded that no further church meetings be held in the village.

Pastor Ram Prakash’s right collarbone was broken and six other believers were critically injured. By the time the police arrived the attackers had escaped. Our director Alok and our team helped Prakash to file a complaint against the six leaders of the gang and two of them were arrested and put in jail. Several radical anti-Christian groups organized a rally and marched through the streets in opposition of the arrests.

Ram Prakash when he came back  from the hospital, wearing a brace for his collarbone

We can never be sure whether the local authorities will cooperate in upholding the law or side with the gangsters against us. However by God’s grace, so far the local police are supporting and protecting Ram Prakash. Currently police officers are still deployed at his house to protect his family, and also are standing guard at the church building. The district administration has asked Ram Prakash not to conduct any gathering till their further direction.

This is not the first time Ram Prakash has been attacked. On several other occasions anti-Christian groups have opposed his ministry. Please continue to pray for him and the other believers who were injured. Also pray that God would strengthen them in this time of suffering and show mercy and grace to the persecutors.


The church building which is now under police protection

Your financial support is requested towards the following:

1. Medical expenses of Ram Prakash and six other believers – $1,000

2. Financial assistance for Pastor Ram Prakash’s family – he lives very simply in a mud hut, surviving mostly on the tithes and offerings of his congregation. Any gift will be a blessing to them.

Thank you so much for your prayers and support.

~ Alok Srivastava,

India Director, Central Region

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