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On February 3rd we were conducting a conference in which the principles of church growth were taught according to Pastor Rick Warren’s book Purpose Driven Church. Through a donor we had received funds to purchase some Bibles for the pastors. They were thrilled to receive these resources. The number of believers is growing rapidly in North India so Bibles are always in great demand. It is the greatest resources which we can offer to these new believers who know very little about their faith. Many of the new believers barely earn enough to survive. Therefore it is hard for them to purchase a Bible of their own. By providing these Bibles we are putting the Word of God in their hand and heart as well.

Here are a few testimonies form the pastors:

Ramprakesh, Sultanpur District: I am very grateful to receive these Bibles. Just last month my church grew by 53 new believes. Every Sunday I am teaching them about the love of Jesus from the New Testament. Also I am giving them some Bible study do at home but they were not able to do it properly because they didn’t have their own Bibles. Now I will give these Bibles to them and they will be able to grow more in the Lord.

Yougesh Lal Bedi, Etah District: For the past five months I have been praying for Bibles because many people have come to the Lord.  They don’t have Bibles to read so they cannot read the Word of God on a daily basis. Today as I received the Bibles the faces of all my believers who don’t have Bible were before my eyes. I am very excited to go back and give the Bibles to them this coming Sunday. As a church we are very thankful to God for His provision.

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  1. All the team members,

    Well done. This is the basis requirement for the new comers have the bible. God bless the donor and the new believers through this Bible distribution. And also also the team members.

    Please can you send the details for the bible, the price for 50Nos. Hindi Bible (with old and new testament). I want to send money for it



    1. Hi Brother Mathew,
      Thank you for your reply! It costs Rs. 150 or about $3.50 for a Hindi Bible which we obtain locally. Shipping and distribution is about 25 cents per Bible, so just figure $3.75 each. Thank you so much!
      for His Kingdom

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