Battle for the Life Center

With great difficulty, struggle and spiritual warfare the ground level of the Life Center was finished in September just in time to host the first pastor’s training conference which started on October 9th. Alok Srivastava, TellAsia’s executive leader of this region of North India, shares the amazing story:

In 2006 we bought land to build a Christian leadership training facility. With the help of our generous supporters, we were able to build the 3-story, 15,000 sq ft. structure for under the proposed budget, yet due to lack of final completion funds it was not in a condition to be used. Seeing the tremendous church growth and need to train thousands of emerging leaders across the Ganges River area of north India, I always felt pressure and burden, desiring to finish it. My main aim was to furnish one level of the building to start training programs.

By faith I announced with my core team that on 9th October 2011 we would inaugurate the building and hold the first training program no matter what. As of July we still needed $13,000 to finish the flooring, doors, windows, painting, electrical wiring, etc. of the ground level. As time passed huge pressure mounted on us.

Finally we had only one month left and because of shortage of time we put it in high gear. We targeted to finish and to commence the inaugural ceremony on 9th October. But Satan did not like it and started working against us.

Work was in progress on the facility when a tractor crashed into the electric pole in front of the site and the pole collapsed. A few people got injured and the electricity was out for four days. Finally the pole was replaced but the electricians neglected to tape the wires.

Then without my knowledge, the hired workers tapped into the bare wires for electricity instead of taking the electricity legally through the meter. So the electric company wanted to put me in jail for using electricity illegally. Again the work stopped for 2-3 days. We tried to explain that it wasn’t our fault and they were convinced and dropped the charges against me.

Then came the third strike of the enemy: The wood work was going on for the windows and doors and a young apprentice carpenter around 17 years of age joined the laborers. While they were having lunch, this boy started drilling with a drill motor. His hand came into contact with some bare electric wires and he got electrocuted. Though we rushed him to the hospital, he died. When the police came all the other construction workers fled and I was left alone to try to clarify what happened. By the grace of God, the victim’s family did not file a case against us otherwise I would have been in jail for six months.

Despite all these hurdles and battles, the four weeks training started with a joyful inaugural ceremony with 40 future house church pastors and village church leaders. It was a day of great celebration and the hall was filled with many believers as well.

The training in the Life Centre is going smoothly with guest teachers. Having had no Bible training before, the young leaders are being taught an overview of the Bible, Genesis to Revelation. They are from various parts of the north Indian state of Uttar Pradesh. They are eager to learn the wisdom which only is possible through word of God. Their whole day is scheduled, starting with prayer. There is praise and worship between sessions and the students are encouraged to ask questions, take notes and give feedback.

We wish to thank you for having generously contributed to this project. You are enabling leaders to be trained for a burgeoning gospel movement. In the past 2 ½ years, TellAsia has facilitated outreach work that has resulted in 121,000 Hindus and Muslims committing their lives to Christ and 5,000 house-based churches planted in unreached villages. However there is a desperate lack of trained native pastors to lead these new churches. Until now we’ve done what we could using rented facilities but were always hindered by lack of a proper place to train leaders.

As of today, 40 young pastors who had almost no Bible knowledge are going back to their villages equipped with a full month of solid training. Many more will follow.

$40,000 is still needed to completely finish the remaining two levels. Please consider contributing toward this project.

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