An Amazing Statement

Dr. Peter Wagner, a grandfather of missions movements, author of over 75 books, and 30 years a professor in Fuller Seminary, recently gave an impromptu endorsement for TellAsia. Referring to our work in north India and to Leanna’s leadership, he made the following statement before a crowd of over a thousand:

“(Leanna) is the most competent field missiologist I have ever known. What is happening there in northern India is not happening by chance or by accident… we’re seeing a very remarkable move of the Spirit of God…”

For a brief video clip of this statement, see below:

The credit really doesn’t go to me at all, but to the native leaders who labor out there in the dust of India, preaching the Gospel, being persecuted, and undergoing all kinds of hardships. It has been all of us together – they doing the field ministry and I contributing strategy, training and resources – that has resulted in 245,000 new believers in 3 years through the 2020 Network movement. Whenever a general is praised for a victory, we must always remember the real heroes are the nameless soldiers who suffered on the battleground to make it happen.

Dr. Wagner isn’t the only one recognizing the potential and dynamism of TellAsia’s work in north India. We are deeply thankful to Wesley and Stacy who are now providing a platform for Leanna to share the vision among many new churches and leaders throughout the US and Canada. Wesley’s organization “Be a Hero” feeds over a thousand needy children around the world.

For any church, ministry or Christian leader who isn’t a part of a network or denomination, I encourage you to check out Harvest International Ministries (HIM) All this recognition and encouragement has arisen out of my participation in this dynamic family of churches and leaders.

The most recent convention that Wesley networked me into was the America for Jesus rally on Sept 29th – a day of prayer and intercession for America to turn back to what made her great – the moral and spiritual principles of the Bible. It was an awesome time with 10,000 gathered to intercede for our nation as we head into what could be the most important election of our history.

Please pray for our nation.

~ Dr. Leanna Cinquanta
International Director

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