After 15 Years…

My name is Kusum Devi and I live in a remote village of  North India. I got married 15 years ago and yet had not been blessed with a gift of a child in all these years. I took many medications and went to several doctors but that proved to be of no use. My husband also consulted a sorcerer and paid money for witchcraft but that only led to more frustration and resentment. Our own family members and village people began to ridicule me for being barren. I was heartbroken and emotionally tormented. I had no desire to live in this world anymore.

One day my husband and I went to a special program in a local village house church. There we saw how people were praying and crying out to the Lord Jesus. The speaker taught how Jesus can heal the sick and open barren wombs. We also opened our hearts and cried out to the almighty God. After prayer we felt great peace in our heart and believed that Jesus will bless us with a child. Within the month I felt that I had conceived and my husband and I went to the doctor for a checkup. We were both amazed at the wonderful miracle that the Lord had done within a month’s time after our tear-filled prayers. Yes Jesus is the living God and he does answer the prayers of the broken-hearted. Since that day we are following Jesus as our Lord and saviour.

Baby in Arms of  her Mother

Today, I am the happy mother of a baby boy. Because of this miracle other people in  my village started believing in Jesus. This has given my family and I a chance to share the good news with many people.

~ Lal Mohar

District Coordinator, Ghazipur

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