Timeline & Track Record

See how TellAsia grew from an impossible vision into a dynamic team rescuing, educating and bringing hope to millions in one of the toughest areas of the world.



Leanna Cinquanta, age 23, received clear guidance that she was to go to the Himalaya mountains and the Ganges River area of north India This region is home to 1/5th of the world population including 40% of the world’s slaves and 35% of the world’s trafficking victims.


Giving up a budding equestrian career and convinced she would give her life in pursuit of the cause, Leanna left a will for her parents and boarded a plane for north India with a one-way ticket. She began living directly with the native people, participating in their austere lives.


Leanna realized that empowering native people was the key to bringing development to this region of the world. They gave her the name “Jyoti” meaning “Light” saying “You brought light and hope into our suffering.”

TellAsia Ministries was founded. For the first seven years Leanna’s mom Kathy did the book keeping, newsletters and phone calls from the living room of the Cinquantas’ 800 sq ft home.

Leanna sold her last horse to finance TellAsia’s first purchase – a jeep for a native pastor.


“David” and Renu joined us from the difficult eastern Ganges area known as “the graveyard of Christianity.” By training and sending out native leaders, David spearheaded education and development in hundreds of villages.


Alok and Ricky Srivastava are from the capital city of the Ganges River region. Alok became TellAsia’s second key native visionary leader. The impact and number of lives transformed doubled within a few years.


When the devastating Tsunami hit south India, David and his team risked their lives to bring emergency relief and rebuild the lives of some of the most overlooked victims.


Blue Haven Children’s Home directed by Alok’s wife Ricky, began rescuing orphan and high risk children. These are children who otherwise would have become slaves or trafficking victims.

Our first micro-business projects and sewing centers provided women a skill and boosted families from poverty to sufficiency.  


Self-sustaining St. John’s School began providing English language education to remote village children.

Our first children’s literacy center grew to 100 centers over the forthcoming years, rescuing thousands of the most needy children from illiteracy and exploitation.


We launched The 2020 Network, an initiative aiming to bring Christ’s love and hope to all 75 Districts and 100,000+ villages of the region.


The first children’s feeding centers began providing a nutritious hot meal to malnourished children. Since then, each year our feeding centers nourish 500 children who would otherwise go hungry.


The first resource distribution to mobilize and equip native social workers to reach new villages. Since then TellAsia has provided hundreds of cycles and school kits for children and tens of thousands of Bibles.

In completion of her Dr. of Ministry degree, Regent University awarded Leanna “Outstanding Graduate.”


TellAsia’s work went global with Leanna’s teaching ministry “Kingdom Impact.” Between 2013-2015 this 3-day intensive equipped philanthropists in seven nations to bring transformation to their own local communities.


The US infrastructure began to grow with Laurie Sellden and Linda Solarek becoming Office Manager and Book Keeper, and others coming on board in the following years.


When an earthquake registering 7.8 magnitude hit Nepal, our native leaders made several trips into remote areas, traversing dangerous mountain roads to distribute life-saving aid to victims.


Blue Haven School opened. This grand top-quality English language Christian school will eventually educate 1,000 children and generate the income to rescue and nurture new orphan and abandoned girls who otherwise would be trafficked or enslaved.


Anti Trafficking Drama Team traveled to 800 villages teaching 120,000 parents and children how to stop trafficking, along with other social lessons such as cleanliness, honesty and family values.

The Life Center training facility’s 4th floor was added, making this the first interdenominational large church facility for a city the size of Los Angeles. Each year an average of 1,500 leaders receive training in the Life Center.

2020 Network has resulted in nearly 1,000,000 lives transformed and 20,000 leaders trained.


TellAsia is now launching strategic work in two new nations. Our strategy of empowering proven local people to serve their own communities has resulted in hundreds of thousands of lives transformed in India. While that continues to expand, we now look forward to multiplying the impact into new territory.


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