TellAsia Ministries is deeply thankful for the collaborative efforts of many individuals, churches, businesses and organizations which join hands with us to transform lives in some of the most needy areas of the world. Each denomination, business and family foundation adds dimension and reinforces our commitment to and celebration of unity with diversity within the Body of Christ.

Jesus prayed “that all of them may be one, Father, just as you are in me and I am in you” (John 17:20-23). TellAsia seeks to be a leader in assisting Christians of all doctrinal preferences to find their common ground in our mutual love for Christ.

Great progress is possible when we celebrate what we have in common, appreciate others’ views

and stay focused on the task of serving the poor and making the world a better place.

Below are three groups of people whom we wish to appreciate:

  • Financial Partners

    Our financial partners are the ones who enable everything TellAsia does, from feeding and educating a needy child to enabling rural dwellers to attend a training seminar to launching a young person in his or her own business. You, our financial partners, are the bedrock of it all and we deeply appreciate you.

    We are deeply grateful to a number of faithful and key financial partners such as Immanuel Baptist Church, Harvest International Ministries, RockBrook Church and other individuals, foundations, businesses, churches and ministries which provide a large portion of our financial support.

  • Peer Partners

    These are individuals who assist in the hands-on work. These include volunteers both in the US and abroad, and those who fund and also participate in training programs, well dedications, mentoring our school children and more.

  • Indigenous Partners

    These are individuals and agencies based in the nations where we work, who join hands with us for greater impact:

    • Many of those TellAsia serves in north India are interdenominational pastors and churches having very little outside training or resources. These are the backbone of the movement and the work along with others whom we personally birth, train and send out.
    • We are thankful for our working relationship with the Catholic Church in north India, which makes their spacious conference centers available for our leadership and youth training programs. The Catholic Church also stands with us to assist in the defense of persecuted Christians.
    • We appreciate the Methodist Church in India and the Presbyterian Church (now the Church of North India) which have made their urban facilities available for us to rent throughout the past 20 years. This provided us a safe Christian environment in which to carry out our work.
    • Our friendships with Hindus, Muslims and the non-religious also play an important role in TellAsia’s success. Through their favor, political influence and advocacy we are able to bring hope, education and healing to areas that otherwise would be closed to outside assistance.

TellAsia values the wisdom, anointing and teamwork that is brought to us by our wide range of friends, financial partners and supporters. For Christians, TellAsia Ministries strives to provide an example of how all churches and denominations can cooperate together for a common purpose while we hold fast to the one thing that matters and which binds us all together as brothers and sisters – God’s love shown to us through Jesus Christ.

It only takes a little to make a big difference in Asia.


It only takes a little to make a big difference in Asia.