TellAsia Ministries rescues and educates children, and disciples and empowers families and communities. We provide schools, children’s homes, vocational training and humanitarian aid to some of the most needy areas of the world. Our goal is to end spiritual, physical and mental poverty, promoting families and communities into health, wholeness and happiness.

TellAsia’s primary focus is in north India. North India is home to almost one-seventh of the world’s population. This includes 35 million needy children. Only 1% of the people are followers of Christ. 70% of the population lives in villages. 50% of these rural dwellers still cannot read or write.


educating needy children through rural education centers, schools, informal education and children's homes
Needy children learned to read and write



preparing a new generation of community leaders to serve the poor, teach Biblical moral standards and promote justice and equality
Leaders were trained and deployed for wholistic development


Leaders were trained and deployed for wholistic development

economic development, micro-business loans and skills training
Villages' living standards were improved


Villages’ living standards were improved

What others are saying
about TellAsia


I have visited TellAsia’s work in India three times in the last three years. I am beyond impressed with this incarnational ministry model among the most underprivileged in the world. I participated firsthand in TellAsia’s holistic ministries to children, women and the marginalized in the society with an aim to see the gospel of God’s Kingdom transform lives in India and beyond.
~ Pastor John Kuo, Wu-Chang Conservative Baptist Church, Taiwan


“Each year, through their hard work and dedication, TellAsia assists thousands of the desperate and needy. I am particularly struck with how many of the native people have been raised up as leaders, the amount of training happening, the explosive growth, and the high level of integrity of this ministry in general. We wish to highly recommend TellAsia Ministries.”
~ Dr. Mark Tubbs, Harvest International Ministries, Pasadena, CA


“TellAsia Ministries has been known to us since their beginnings in 1997. They are doing an incredible work in some of the most difficult areas of Asia. Several of our staff members have personally visited them in India and one also served on their Board of Directors. VOM partners with TellAsia to obtain justice for the persecuted and provide ministry equipment to native leaders.”


“TellAsia’s field work is led by the indigenous people themselves. The goal of helping people spiritually as well as physically and economically adds to the effectiveness and power of this organization. I am so thankful for the opportunity I have to work with this creative, energetic and effective team in raising up an ever-increasing harvest. It is my privilege to partner with them and I would encourage any other church or group to do the same.”
~ Pastor Kelly Walter, Rock Brook Church, Kansas City, MO


TellAsia’s village schools serve over 1500 students. The children receive a quality education and also learn English. Our future Blue Haven Village School will be fully sustainable. The income from paying students will enable us to rescue more orphan and high risk children into our children’s home.
One teacher, a blackboard on a tree and a bunch of kids sitting on a mat. That’s all it takes to set up a rural education center. Over 40,000 needy children have learned to read and write. Each year, over 4,000 children in 120 rural education centers receive basic literacy, math and Bible instruction.
The love, joy and peace of the Gospel of Jesus brings freedom and hope. Through native staff and volunteers TellAsia provides training and resources for discipleship. For those who make a decision to follow Christ, home fellowships provide a supportive and loving community. There, believers grow in their faith and in their service to one another and the community.
TellAsia develops leaders who serve their own communities. The native leaders we train reflect the moral and spiritual teachings of the Bible. Each year we provide one-day seminars up to three-week courses to around 5,000 leaders.
TellAsia provides vocational training to unskilled youth, women and families. Skills such as electrical wiring, screen-printing or electronics repair enable families to earn a middle-class income. We’ve helped others to start a micro business such as a small repair shop or goat herd.
Health education and sanitation projects help reduce child mortality. Health education and provision of clean water also raises the living standard of the people because they are healthy and able to work. TellAsia provides both health and hygiene training and installation of hand pumps in villages which are most needy.
32 formerly hopeless orphaned, semi-orphaned or extremely impoverished children now have a loving home and a bright future. Many of the children are in need of sponsors.
Our anti-trafficking work includes rescue of minor girls forcibly trafficked into the flesh trade. Once we rescue them out, we provide them a safe, loving home environment. Around 25 girls have now been rescued and are receiving literacy and skills training in safe homes. Our big vision is to reduce human trafficking by 90% across the northern border of India-Nepal in the next 5-10 years. We seek a financial partner to enable this vision.


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Guided by detailed dreams, in 1996 TellAsia’s founder Leanna Cinquanta gave up a budding equestrian career. She set off for one of the most needy and populous areas of the world – the Ganges River region of north India. Living directly with the native people, she discovered key strategies for bringing transformation to communities. In 1997, with assistance back home from her mother, TellAsia Ministries was founded. Read more about Leanna

leanna cinquanta founder of tellasia ministries


“The most Christ-like act a person can do in this life
is give Jesus and a bright future
to a child who has no hope.”Leanna Cinquanta
malnourished children in a remote gangetic plain village


It only takes a little to make a big difference in Asia.
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