A Witch Doctor Finds Joy

My name is Nanku. I was born and brought up in a small remote village. My parents were so poor, they could not afford to send me to school. As time went by, I learned how to heal people by performing black magic and made my living out of the art. Though this brought me tremendous wealth and fame, I still felt emptiness and vacuum inside. I lacked nothing in life, yet there was really no happiness and joy from the work I did. I sought false happiness by using illegal drugs and hallucinating substances. I soon found I could not live without these substances and started extracting money from people who came seeking advice just for obtaining these banned drugs. My personal life was in turmoil. Yet, my family never bothered where I acquired all the money from and had became accustomed to the luxury it provided.


Nanku in front of his house

In the meantime, I knew a brother named Ramesh from my village, who believed in Jesus and was attending a house church in our village. I knew nothing about either the house church or the pastor, yet because of the friendly relations I had with Ramesh, We used to meet once in a while. One day, Ramesh asked me the reason for my unhappiness. That was the time, I told him everything I was going through in life. Brother Ramesh shared his personal testimony with me. For the first time, I heard the name of Jesus. I truly believe, this moment was the beginning of the ending of my problems. Brother Ramesh introduced me to Pastor Kumar, a local leader who was overseeing the house church in the village. He warmly welcomed me into the church group and gladly heard all my predicaments. As Pastor began ministering to me, sharing his personal testimony and gospel of Jesus, huge teardrops began to fall to the ground. I cried like I never cried before as Pastor Kumar knelt down in humility and prayed for me. I confessed my sins and felt the Lord’s forgiveness. He cleansed me with His blood and healed my broken heart and spirit. He bestowed upon me the joy of salvation that the enemy had stolen by deception. I accepted Jesus as my personal savior and was reconciled to Him. I felt my burdens rolled away and became a new man in Christ. Peace prevailed in my heart.

Eta belivers praying for 2020 with Suresh Sahai

Believers worshiping in House Church

I left all my previous wrong doings and threw away everything I used as black magic and became totally dependent on His leading and guidance. Though it was initially hard for my family to accept the sudden change in my life, gradually they also gave their hearts to the Lord and accepted Jesus as their personal savior. I took up agriculture as a means of livelihood as I own a lot of land. Though the amount I now earn is not much as compared to what I earned when I was practicing as a witch doctor, it is sufficient to sustain my family. Nothing can replace the joy I have received in my heart.

The Lord is now using me in a unique manner for spreading His name to people who have never heard of Jesus. People still visit me thinking I’m still in the black magic business. The only difference is, now I minister to them in the name of the Lord, pray for them and tell them about Jesus and what he did for me.

My testimony itself has become a challenge to many and the Lord is using me as HIS powerful instrument to bring back all that the devil has stolen in the lives of people for HIS glory!

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