A Village Transformed

In Mujhara Village Pastor Shyam leads a small house church for the Musahir People Group. The plight of children of the village who were not attending school was very sad. They were wearing dirty, stained clothes. Some had running noses with flies sitting on their faces. Most of them looked underfed. They were talking to each other using filthy language. There was litter strewn around everywhere in front of their huts.

TellAsia’s leaders arranged with the pastor to start a rural education center where these unschooled children could receive a basic education. We then met their parents and talked to them for about an hour explaining the importance of sending their children to the rural education center. We also told them about cleanliness and hygiene.

A few weeks later, when I visited the village again, many children were attending the rural education center. The children who used to roam around and waste away their time were enrolled at the center. In addition to this, they wore clean clothes and looked healthier than previously. I decided to visit some of their homes. It was amazing to see their surroundings no longer littered with trash but neat and clean. The instruction received via our staff members and the rural education teacher had already made a big impact in these families’ self-image and cleanliness. Thus with only a little effort, we were able to bring about a transformation in their community, thereby leading them to better and healthier living. Given below are photos before and after.  ~ by Maneesh, Office Coordinator, Varanasi, India


Musahar before 2014


Musahar after 2014

This is only one example of many villages that TellAsia is touching and lives we are transforming through the Gospel and education. Please help us reach more needy children with education, basic health training, and anti-trafficking awareness.

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