A Muslim Hungers for God’s Word

My neighbor Mr. Khan is a Muslim and a top leader of a local political party. I have known him for the last twenty-five years and sometimes I visit him and share the love of Jesus. Last week we traveled together and I came to know more about him.

Because he was from a Muslim family, he knew a little bit about the Bible. He had fear in his heart that on the Day of Judgment he would have to stand before the Lord Jesus Christ. I shared with him the good news that Jesus died on the cross for his sins, and that by putting his faith in Him he would not have to be afraid on the Day of Judgment. On the way back he asked me to give him a Bible. I  told him that I would give it to him after I reached home but I didn’t do so because I wanted to see whether he was really hungry for the Word of God or not. The next day when he saw me he earnestly begged me for the Bible so I called him to my house and presented him with a Bible. The moment he took the Bible in his hand, he immediately kissed it. The next  day I went to his house and saw that the Bible was on his bed and he told me that he is reading it and sharing it with his children.

Mr. Khan receiving his Bible

Mr. Khan accepted Jesus as his personal savior and now comes regularly to our church. Whenever I face any persecution or opposition on account of my ministry work, Mr. Khan comes to my aid and defends me. He hopes that one day his whole family will come to Christ.

~ Pastor Moses, Director, Himalaya Region

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