A Life Changing Testimony

Vinita is a student in one of our rural education centers which is sponsored by Compassion. The youngest of eight sisters, she received much love from her parents who are Hindus. But one day as she was playing at home with her siblings, Vinita suffered an epileptic fit. From then quite often she was seized by fits. Her parent’s hearts yearned for their daughter, but because they were so poor they were unable to do anything. Seeing her condition, her parents brought her to TellASIA’s director David who also coordinates the rural education projects. He immediately had her examined by a specialist in a Christian hospital seven miles away from the project site.

A CT scan revealed that Vinita had developed a cyst in her brain and she was admitted to the hospital. The doctors attending her told the parents that the medications would continue for three years. After returning to the education center from the hospital, our staff members began to pray earnestly for Vinita and her family. After a few days the doctors called us and informed us that Vinita was being discharged from the hospital. They said her condition had improved and she could go home. Everyone was delighted at this news.

Now Vinita comes to the education center daily and she knows how to read. She runs and plays with the other children and sings the Christian songs just like a normal healthy child. Her complete medical expenses, doctor’s visits and follow up medicines are being provided by Compassion. Vinita’s father and mother are very thankful and grateful to the project and its staff for saving Vinita’s life and putting a smile back on her face which they could never have done. Upon seeing all this, Vinita’s grandmother, also an unbeliever, boldly declared that henceforth she along with Vinita’s parents would come to church every Sunday and accept Jesus as their Lord and Saviour. Glory be to the King of Kings for saving this precious family.

Authored by Maneesh Massey
Office Director, Varanasi Region

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