A Diamond Shines! Part-2

In last month’s blog post, we shared the first part of Gaurav’s testimony – how he came to Christ from Hinduism, and how he has now become my right-hand man, assisting me and also serving as the finance manager at our Lucknow office India. Gaurav is truly a diamond in the crown of Jesus with his servant heart coupled with management skills. Often those who do the ministry behind the lines don’t receive much recognition. I encouraged Gaurav to share his story because he is one of those who serves in the back, whose selfless and unseen labours enable thousands to be saved and hundreds of needy children to receive an education.

~ Leanna

I have a passion to bring Jesus to the unreached nations. To do this effectively, it is very important to have a global perspective and complete understanding of the Bible. I have a heart to be a servant leader and to become strong in the Word of God. As Jesus said “I am the way the truth and the light” and through Him God has saved me, so I also want be a light for others and bring transformation to the darkness.

Therefore in 2008-09 Leanna worked very hard to help me apply for studies in the USA and I was accepted in Christ for the Nations, Azusa Pacific and Liberty University. However despite all our efforts, I wasn’t granted a visa. It was a little bit disappointing for us but we knew that God has a plan and purpose for my life. We didn’t give up but started to pray more about His will in my life. I have always longed to study the Word of God more so in 2011 Leanna recommend that I do MDiv at Union Biblical Seminary. UBS is one of the best Bible colleges in India. I applied for extension studies and in early 2012 I was accepted and began my studies. Right now I am in second semester and recently spent a week on campus for classes. This was an amazing experience and during this week I learned so many things. I have to work very hard now to complete my studies.

The past six years have been very blessed and I have learned a lot. I am very thankful to my international Director Leanna and my national leaders who are always encouraging me and building me for His Kingdom.

Please pray for me and my studies so I can accomplish the task which He has given me.

~ Gaurav Srivastava, Assistant to the Director

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