A Child Learns to Read

The ChildCry project, enables us to provide impoverished children a daily meal, while our Life Touch child sponsors enable them to go to school. Without this help, these children would not be able to attend school because their parents cannot afford the tuition and cost for books and school uniform.

One of our students is from the remote village of Gadar in Varanasi district. Kavita has two sisters. Their father works hard but cannot even afford to give his children a meal three times a day. Sometimes they only get one meal a day. Most of the time the family has no money left to pay for school fees. But Kavita wanted to study. She heard that the ChildCry/Life Touch program was going to start in her village. Her parents told her that she would now receive education as well as a daily meal. She was very happy that now she would be able to study and get a good meal each day. Now her dream is coming true. She is so happy she can hardly express her feelings in words.

Kavita says, “Before the ChildCry/Life Touch program I was not able to read anything, but now I can read. My father can’t read but now I can read and he asks me to read the newspaper to him. My father is very proud of me. Before, my father was not happy because he had no son, only three daughters, but now he feels happy because we have a bright future.

We are very thankful to those who have sponsored these children.

~ Maneesh, Office Director, East Region

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