A Brave Mother’s Precious gift

TellAsia’s Blue Haven School has always had a vision to provide children with top quality education in North India. This is also the desire of many parents who have not had the privilege of receiving an education during their lifetimes. Below is the true story of a mother who continued to give her best for her children’s education, even in the face of illness!

We all want our children to attend the best schools that our money can pay for. Likewise, Madhu, who lives near Blue Haven School, had a dream that one day her children would be able to study at the best school in the region. Her heart’s desire was for them to learn English and excel academically. Her dream became a reality last year when she enrolled them in Blue Haven School. Only days after enrolling them, though, she started feeling tired, dizzy, and her body became swollen. She consulted a doctor and was diagnosed with kidney disease. Even while her health deteriorated and medical expenses increased, she continued to want her kids to study in a good English Medium school. She made the decision to continue working and keep them in school in spite of her condition. Her utmost desire was to see her children well educated, no matter what! Today, Madhu is under medical observation and her health is steadily improving. Both the kids have improved greatly in their studies, are very dedicated to their school work, and always have such joyful smiles on their faces. As Mother’s Day quickly approaches, we give thanks to God for such wonderful mothers who are constantly willing to sacrifice their lives for their children and for the betterment of our next generation.
Madhu and her children, in the School Manager’s office to pay off the last of their school fees.

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