A Bible for a Muslim Seeker!

This recent story comes to us from Pastor David Moses, one of our pastors working in the north Indian state of Uttarakhand.

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Mr. BK (name withheld for safety) is from a Muslim family. We have lived as neighbors for 25 years, sometimes visiting each other and helping each other. BK knows I am a follower of Jesus, and from time to time I would tell him about God’s love for him. Sometimes he would come to our church if we had some special program.

Recently I had the chance to travel with him to Delhi. During that trip we had many hours to talk. I told him again about God’s love for him. It was a blessed time for both of us.

Because BK is from a Muslim family, he knows a little bit of the Bible. He shared with me that Jesus will come back again to judge the world. I told him “Yes, one day every one of us will stand before Jesus in the time of judgment.” BK told me he has fear in his heart that he must stand before the Lord Jesus Christ.

As we were traveling home from Delhi, he said to me, “Pastor, can you give me a Bible in the Hindi language so I can read it?” I told him I would give him a Bible when we reached home.

When we reached our home city, I did not give him a Bible. I waited to see if he would ask me again for a Bible. I wanted to see if he was really hungry for the word of God.

A day later he saw me outside and he asked me, “Pastor, where is my Bible?” I brought him to my house and gave him a Bible. BK took the Bible in his hands and kissed it. He was so happy.

The next day I went to visit BK at his house. I noticed the Bible was next to his bed. BK told me “I am reading the Bible, and I am sharing the word of God with my children.” Please pray for Mr. BK and his family, that many people would believe in Jesus because of that Bible.

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