A Family Finds Peace and Hope through Rural Education


Poonam Devi is 30 years old and has four children. Her husband is an unskilled field laborer. They are from a Hindu family and had never heard the name of Jesus.

When Veena, one of TellAsia’s Rural Education Center teachers, visited Poonam her face was gloomy and sad. Veena asked Poonam whether her children go school. “No,” muttered Poonam in shame. “We can’t afford to send them to school.” Veena also learned that Poonam’s husband was an alcoholic and sometimes abused her and the children.

Veena told Poonam about the education center which is free of cost. Poonam began sending her kids to our education center and within a few months they learned how to read and write. Their behaviour also changed from disobedient and disruptive to calm and focused.

The Christian songs the children learned began to attract Poonam who wanted to know more about Jesus. Poonam and her husband visited the education center and heard about God’s love through Jesus Christ. Her husband stopped drinking and became a loving, supportive husband and father. Now Poonam has found a new purpose in life as she has begun voluntarily assisting Veena at the education center.

Poonam’s face is no longer gloomy. “Because of the education center,” Poonam testifies, “my children are learning to read and write, and my whole family has been transformed.”

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