The Best 2020 Network Conference Yet!

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Thank you for praying for the annual 2020 Network Conference which was held December 4 -7, 2012. In comparison to previous 2020 Network conferences, all agree that this was the best and most content-rich conference ever! Excellent teachers from different doctrinal backgrounds brought foundational teaching and inspirational messages to 950 native leaders from across the Ganges River state of Uttar Pradesh. These leaders also received resources to continue their work in the villages: Bibles, Mega-Voice audio Bible Schools, evangelistic video CDs, the Purpose Driven Church leadership book, district maps, and other gospel literature.

An attendee of the 2020 Network Conference states: “Let me tell you the truth, the 2020 Network is inspired by the Lord. If it weren’t for the vision of the 2020 Network, the growth we see today in the Gospel work wouldn’t be happening. The 2020 Network does not belong to any particular person, nor is it any particular organization. It is a united vision. This is why many Indian leaders and agencies are participating and working together.”

Alok Srivastava, Director of 2020 Network shares from his heart: “Jesus’ first disciples were mending their nets when He called them to follow him. They were unhappy with the holes in the net which were causing the loss of a lot of fish. After coming to know Jesus as my personal Savior in 1992, I had many opportunities to attend mission conferences where I heard testimonies of how God was at work in other areas of the world. Thus a seed of faith was planted in my heart to see a church planting movement in my own native state of Uttar Pradesh.

Today what God is doing here is exhilarating. Through the 2020 Network many churches, missions, and individuals have joined hands together to see Uttar Pradesh reached with the gospel of Jesus Christ. This purely indigenous movement led by simple local men and women like Peter and John is now resulting in thousands coming to Christ. But thousands are not enough when millions are still in darkness. Our hearts are unhappy to see souls dying without knowing Jesus. There is so much that can be done to escalate the movement. The 2020 Network is catching many fish, but the nets need mending and expanding. Pray and stand with us to grow this indigenous movement and rescue even more souls in 2013 and beyond.”


Dr Tom Hatley, Immanuel Baptist Church, Arkansas: “If you’re going to reach the world with the Gospel of Jesus Christ, you have to ask yourself how. And not just Biblically how, but strategically how. We decided to attack the biggest section of lostness we could find anywhere on the planet and so we chose Northern India, the state of Uttar Pradesh… We want to endorse this movement called the 2020 Network. It is Biblically based, it is aggressive, and it is functionally sound in its approach and application of strategy. We’re on track for one of the greatest movements of the Gospel in the history of Christianity. Your involvement is key. Pray for us and get involved.”

Pastor Amos Dodge, Capital Church, Washington DC: “The hunger, the eagerness, and the earnestness of the pastors and leaders to worship, pray, study and learn was so evident and encouraging. You have not only embraced a great vision, you have made a great beginning, and through the power of the Holy Spirit you are literally changing the face of Christianity in the region.   I love the fact that so many have come from different backgrounds and affiliations to unite for a common purpose of evangelism and church planting, truly a great example of building His Kingdom, not our kingdoms. To watch each of you work together, each using the gifts God has given you, but submitting them to the good of all, is a great testimony. God has raised you up and brought you together for such a time as this.”

We are deeply thankful to all who contribute to this growing indigenous movement. Please pray for a greater expansion of the movement in 2013.


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