TellAsia’s Chairperson Healed of an Incurable Form of Cancer!

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 Dr. Anjuli and her husband Dr. Nick are natives of north India. They came to Christ from a high-caste Hindu background, which is very rare. Since then God has prospered them in their medical practice in Bloomington, Illinois where they raised three sons who are following in their parents’ footsteps as medical doctors. Along with serving as the Chairperson of TellAsia for the past ten years, Dr. Anjuli has mentored me in many ministry and leadership issues and is almost like a second Mom to me, and I to her a little like the daughter she never had. She and Nick have also virtually adopted our children’s home and have provided most of the funding for it since its initiation in 2005.

Dr Anjuli with some of the Children’s Home kids

In December 2010 we were all shocked to learn that Dr Anjuli had been diagnosed with a rare form of cancer called Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia or “Adult ALL.” We announced this in a newsletter and asked everyone to pray for a miracle of healing, which I’m sure many of you did. What followed was a horrific battle in which Dr Anjuli spent 9 months in the hospital undergoing various treatments of chemo, radiation, etc. These included a complicated procedure where her entire blood and bone marrow was destroyed with radiation and replaced first with the donated blood from her second son, followed by cord blood from an infant.  During this season I spent several months living with the family to assist Dr. Nick in caring for Dr. Anjuli, who needed constant assistance. She was on 36 pills a day, one of which cost $500/pill. Sometimes she begged to die due to the pain, nausea and depression. Finally after the cancer was all gone, it tried to come back and she had to go back on more chemo. More nausea and suffering.                                                                                           Throughout all this Dr. Anjuli was an inspiration to everyone through her unwavering commitment to Christ and trust in Him. Whereas some of us might have questioned why God allowed this to happen to us, she drew closer to the Lord and came to a place where she was able to thank God for allowing her to get cancer. As time went on, she began to be able to say cancer was the best thing that had ever happened to her because through it she realized so many areas of her life that God wanted to change and grow. It was truly a humbling experience for me to spend time with her in Bible study and prayer, observing her amazing devotion and commitment to the Lord despite such desperate circumstances. Her son Zach also – an amazing young man of God – wrote continuous email updates on her progress, including in each a very deep  devotional meditation generated not from some book but from his own searching of the Scriptures. Meanwhile Dr. Nick demonstrated such tenderness, patience and love in nurturing his wife as I’ve never seen in a husband. I felt honored to be a small part of serving this amazing family.

Today, a year and a half later, I have amazing news – Dr. Anjuli is fully HEALED! She was doing incredibly well – cancer free, regaining her strength, pain free, and taking only one pill a day – when we conducted the spring Board meeting of TellAsia at her home on May 2nd. Prayer had been going out for the last and final step in her healing which was for her immunity to kick in. Two attempts to restore her immunity to the infant cord blood now sustaining her life had failed and she had to take great precautions and receive injections of artificial immunity called Gamma Globulin. But on May 3rd the report came back from a blood test and we learned that her immunity also is now almost back to normal!

Besides Dr. Anjuli there have been only seven other cases of Adult ALL in America. Of these, six died from the disease and the one who is still alive is not doing so well. So we are confident to say Dr. Anjuli’s triumph over this disease is entirely to be credited to the awesome healing power of our Lord and to the fervent prayers of His people. THANK YOU for your concern and prayers, which have wrought this great victory!

~ Leanna Cinquanta, International Director

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  1. Lori Vafiades says:

    Wow! What an amazing story. I rejoice today at what God is doing with this precious family. Our testimonies are ever increasing as is our faith! We serve a risen Saviour.

    Thanks for sharing all the great testimonies from TelASIA. I love them and can’t wait to visit and hug on some of the beautiful Indian brothers and sisters I now only read about.

  2. admin says:

    Thanks Lori! You’re a blessing and an inspiration as well as a connector for God’s Kingdom. Looking forward to your visit, keep me updated as things materialize.

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