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Our Boys Surprised Us

Aug 10, 2013 No Comments by

On July 6th Vidisha Foundation in Lucknow organized a drawing competition. The contest theme was ‘Family and Nature’. The contest was open for children aged between 8-15; four of our children from Blue Haven got the opportunity to take part and to create a drawing, expressing their vision for family and nature. Just before the [...]

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Fun at Blue Haven Children’s Home

Feb 05, 2013 No Comments by

Christmas Joy On Christmas Eve the 32 children at Blue Haven Children’s Home participated in a doughnut-making extravaganza. In the first few batches they put too much baking soda in the dough, but nobody cared—the doughnuts were devoured anyway! Sister Ricky, Blue Haven’s director, led some fun games such as a race where the children [...]

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One-of-a-Kind Project!

Jun 28, 2012 No Comments by

Moving toward developing a self-sufficient orphanage, based on income from a high-quality Christian school and medical clinic The unreached Ganges River area of North India still has fewer than 2% Christians and there are 35 million destitute and orphan children with almost no Christian orphanages. Only recently we came to know that a large percentage [...]

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Pray for Dolma!

Jun 28, 2012 No Comments

Dolma is one of our lovely girls at Blue Haven Children’s Home. She came to us in 2007 from a very remote part of India called Zanskar, near the Indo-China Border. In April 2010 she became sick and we took her to the hospital. After many lab tests she was diagnosed with Tuberculosis. We were [...]

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TellAsia’s Chairperson Healed of an Incurable Form of Cancer!

May 08, 2012 2 Comments

 Dr. Anjuli and her husband Dr. Nick are natives of north India. They came to Christ from a high-caste Hindu background, which is very rare. Since then God has prospered them in their medical practice in Bloomington, Illinois where they raised three sons who are following in their parents’ footsteps as medical doctors. Along with [...]

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Blue Haven Opportunity

Mar 02, 2012 No Comments

In 2005 we initiated Blue Haven Children’s Home with the goal to eventually develop a SELF-SUPPORTING children’s home. This is a ground-breaking project enabling hundreds of orphan and disadvantaged children to have a bright future. The children’s home will be supported by income generated by a high-quality Christian school and medical clinic. In latter 2011 [...]

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New House for Blue Haven

Nov 29, 2011 No Comments

In May 2010 we shifted the children’s home to South City, Lucknow about eight miles from our office. David and Shari Gilford from the USA have lived on site with the children for the past 14 months. They were literally a Mom and Dad to all 30 kids, enriching their lives by mentoring them and [...]

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Land Ho!

Jul 04, 2011 2 Comments

Ever since starting Blue Haven Children’s Home in 2005 in a rented house, we have prayed and looked forward to the day when we would be able to establish a real facility complete with a school. Leanna envisioned a fully self-sufficient pilot project which, due to its ability to generate indigenous funding, would later be [...]

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Blue Haven Kids Lead Their Own Exercise Program

May 05, 2011 1 Comment

Exercise is an important part of our schedule at Blue Haven Children’s home. Our boys love football (soccer), and some of them play in bare feet! Our girls get a great workout whenever they practice their energetic dance routines. And this fall David (a USA volunteer serving with the TellASIA Lucknow team) taught the kids [...]

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A Life Changing Testimony

May 05, 2011 1 Comment

Vinita is a student in one of our rural education centers which is sponsored by Compassion. The youngest of eight sisters, she received much love from her parents who are Hindus. But one day as she was playing at home with her siblings, Vinita suffered an epileptic fit. From then quite often she was seized [...]

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